Constitution and By Laws
Revised April 2014

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the “Northwest Sled Dog Association or NWSDA”.  

Article II - Mission

The mission of the NWSDA is to promote the use of dogs as pack and draft animals for sport and companionship by conducting races, demonstrations, recreational events and the dissemination of information to members and the general public.

For the Safe, humane and knowledgeable treatment of dogs when used for these tasks and for the perpetuation of good sportsmanship and comradery among participants.  

Article III - Officers

Officers.  The general management of NWSDA’s affairs will be handled by an Executive Board consisting of:
Vice President,
Treasurer (the office of the Secretary and Treasurer may be combined if desired), and
three or more Trustees.

With the exception of the combined office of Secretary/Treasurer, no member will hold more than one office at any one time.  There will be a ratio of one Trustee per ten members or portion thereof with a minimum of three trustees per year.

It is expected that Officers and Trustees be in attendance to at least three club meetings/events annually.

Duties of Officers.

President.  The President of NWSDA Shall:
-Preside at all meetings of NWSDA and of the general membership.
-Determine the time and place of meetings.
-Enforce the provisions of the By-Laws
-Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees and the Executive Board

Vice President.  
-The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in his/her absence.
-Shall track and calculate the championship points for NWSDA.

-The Secretary shall have charge of all correspondence addressed to NWSDA and correspondence on all matters pertaining to NWSDA’s business as directed by the President and Executive Board.
-Shall maintain a complete roster of all members and applicants.
-Shall record minutes of all NWSDA meetings of the general membership and Executive Board.

-The Treasurer shall collect all dues of members of NWSDA.
-Receive all monies due or belonging to NWSDA.
-Pays the bills or other expenses when duly authorized by the membership and/or the Executive Board.
-Presents a complete financial report at each annual election meeting.
-Presents a financial overview at each NWSDA Meeting

-The trustees together with the above officers constitute the Executive Board, which will be entrusted with the general management of NWSDA’s affairs.
-They shall check and pass on the Treasurer’s annual report.
-They shall make decisions relating to NWSDA’s business which require rapid action at a time when the general membership cannot be called for a meeting.

Terms of Office.

The Normal term for all members of the Executive board shall be two years or to be extended until duly replaced by election.

There shall be no limit to the terms of office an Executive Board member may hold either successively or separately.  

In the event of a termination of membership by any officer the remaining Executive Board members will select a replacement from the members in good standing to fill the vacancy until the next election.


Nominations for the Executive Board will be made each year and last a minimum of 30 days, usually beginning March 1st and concluding by March 31st.

Any NWSDA member in good standing my run for or be nominated for a position on the Executive Board.

Nominees must have been NWSDA members in good standing for a minimum of 2 years.

Nominations for NWSDA members wishing to run for an Executive Board position may make their intentions known either via email to the NWSDA Secretary or from the floor at the March general membership meeting.

NWSDA members receiving a nomination must formally accept that nomination either by email to the NWSDA Secretary, or by verbally accepting the nomination at the March general membership meeting.


Ballots for the election of officers and trustees will be prepared and distributed by the NWSDA
Secretary to the NWSDA members in good standing prior to the April general membership meeting.

Ballots will be returned to the NWSDA Secretary by mail or email prior to April general membership meeting.

There will be no proxy voting for officers or on any other question raised in this Association.
At the general membership meeting, the presiding officer shall appoint three tellers to count the votes for the various positions.

No candidate will be a teller.

The newly elected officials will assume office at the conclusion of the May general membership meeting.

Article IV - Members

Any person with an interest in the aims and Mission of NWSDA and who has not knowingly and deliberately violated the provisions of ARTICLE II, may with the sponsorship of one member in good standing, and upon attendance of one NWSDA Meeting be voted into active membership.

Active members in good standing are those:
-Whose dues are paid up,
-Have attended 3 meetings/events in the current membership year, and
-Who have not been duly suspended or expelled for cause.

NWSDA Membership dues

NWSDA Membership dues are payable on July 1st of each year. Only members paid up in full may exercise voting or other privileges of membership.  If dues are unpaid as of October 1st Membership privileges shall be suspended.

Dues for family membership and individual membership shall be determined by the general membership.  Any change in membership dues shall be mailed or emailed out at least ten days prior to the general membership meeting at which the change will be voted on.

Duties of Membership

It shall be the duty of all members to support NWSDA loyally at all times, and to promote NWSDA’s best interests.

No member shall use or attempt to use the name of NWSDA to further the member’s personal publicity, speculation or private gain.

Gender and Restrictions

There shall be no discrimination pr prejudice because of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, creed or national origin.
Cessation of Membership
Membership may be terminated by:
Written Resignation
Nonpayment of Dues
Expulsion for Cause
Death of a Member

Suspension. In the event that a member willingly and knowingly violates the provision of this Constitution and By Laws, a petition signed by three members in good standing shall be delivered to the President stating the Violation(s).  The President then shall call a meeting of the Executive Board to determine what action, if any (suspension, expulsion or other) is necessary against the member in question.  A two-thirds vote of the Executive Board is required for expulsion.

The member in question shall be notified by certified mail of the charges against him/her and of the time and place of the Board meeting.  He/She may appear at his/her own defense with whatever witnesses and other fact he/she deems necessary for the Board’s consideration.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany all children under the age of fifteen attending NWSDA sponsored events at all times. If the parent or legal guardian is unable to be in attendance, then the adult, over the age of 21, who is responsible for the child, must have in their possession a signed document from the child’s parent or legal guardian, giving them all responsibility for the child, including all decisions regarding emergency care, if required.

ARTICLE V - Meetings

The President shall call the meetings of the Executive Board and general membership at a time and place of his/her choosing.  There is no limit to the frequency of meetings, except that there shall be not less than one general membership meeting in any sixty-day period.
The quorum for transacting business at any meeting of the Executive Board will be two-thirds of the current Board.  A quorum for a general membership meeting shall consist of the members in good standing present at that meeting, providing the general membership had been properly notified.
Procedure. All meetings of NWSDA will be conducted in accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order, pertaining to standard parliamentarian procedure.

ARTICLE VI – Committees

Committees, both standing and temporary will be appointed by the President and instructed by him/her as to their duties.  They will meet as necessary to conduct their duties, and the chairman will report to the President on progress when called upon to do so.  

All chairmen will keep up to date records of all proceedings and will forward within a reasonable time, copies of all correspondence to the Secretary.

ARTICLE VII - Expenditures of Funds

With the exception of stationary, stamps and other normal expenses incidental to the progress of the NWSDA, all expenditures of funds will be determined by a majority vote of the general membership present.  

In the event of an emergency requiring immediate funds, the President will determine the need and instruct the Treasurer as necessary; this action is subject to future general membership or Executive Board approval.   

ARTICLE VIII - Amendments

When from time to time it becomes necessary to amend any or all of the provisions of this Constitution and By-Laws or add to them, the following must occur:

The proposed amendments will be placed before the members at a general meeting together with the reasons for the necessary changes.

Not less than thirty days and not more than sixty days thereafter, the Secretary will distribute ballots via mail or email to all members in good standing containing the proposed amendments and a “yes” or “no” vote, together with a brief digest of the information pertinent to the change(s).
These ballots shall contain a fifteen-day deadline for return to the Secretary from the date of the mailing to the general membership.  

A two-thirds majority vote favoring the amendment, of the ballots returned, will be required to amend any provision.

The NWSDA Constitution and By-Laws must be reviewed by the general membership or Executive Board at least every two years.

ARTICLE IX - Dissolution

NWSDA may be dissolved at ant time by written consent of not less than two-thirds of the voting members.  In the event of the dissolution of NWSDA whether voluntary or involuntary or by operation of law, none of the property of NWSDA nor any proceeds thereof nor any assets of NWSDA shall be distributed to any members of the NWSDA but after the payment of debts NWSDA, it’s property and assets shall be given to a charitable organization for the benefit of dogs, selected by the Executive Board.