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Von Martin
Vice President
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Von Martin, author of A Long Way to Nome, and owner of “Call of the Wild Huskies”, has been sharing his life with sled dogs since 1993. He is a five-time recipient of NWSDA’s annual “Carl Bowman Best Cared For Team” award (2005, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013).

Von is a veteran of the 2009 and 2011 Col. Norman Vaughan Serum Run ’25 Expeditions to Nome, Alaska. In 2004 he earned the ISDRA World Title for 6 Dog Gig Class and was a member of Team USA during the 2005 World Cup Sled Dog Races at Mt Bachelor, Oregon.

Since the 1990’s Von has journeyed thousands of miles by dog-team throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Wyoming, British Columbia, and Alaska. He has earned NWSDA Championship titles in 12 Dog Mid-Distance (2010), 6 Dog Mid-Distance (2004), 8 Dog Sprint (2013), 4 Dog Sprint (2010), Skijoring (2000), and Novice (2000).

In 2010 Von founded the NWSDA Rainbow Bridge Memorial program, an annual video tribute to NWSDA huskies that have crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” each season. In 2013 Von created the annual NWSDA Parade of Seniors which recognizes and honors the organization’s senior sleddogs.

Von works from his rural log cabin home in southwest Washington state where he enjoys caring for his extended "family" of adopted and rehomed huskies.