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Karen’s first dog was the family Samoyed - Cindy.   While that dog did not pull her all over, it opened up the door for the joys that dogs can bring.

Her indoctrination to Siberian huskies was meeting and skiing with Etienne, her husband Dave’s headstrong, charming, athletic Siberian husky.  Then along came Toiyabe Sam and Tahoe Sadie who drug her all over the place for many years providing immense entertainment and movie material.

It wasn’t until adopting Haley that she became more immersed into the club.  Karen and Dave wanted to socialize Haley and give her a “happy place” which is now a number of “happy places” – anywhere NWSDA events are.  Karen and Dave joined in 2011 and generally participate in most events, always coming in last and with very happy dogs.

Karen’s role for the club is mostly behind the scenes, working with the Sno-Park program and Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council advocating for dog powered sports in addition to using her professional skills as a cartographer to keep the Crystal Springs Sled Dog trail and Camp Koinonia maps up to date.  Karen works closely with Michael Johnston on both endeavors ensuring the trails remain open to mushing.

Past boards:

- City of Issaquah Parks Board, 2 terms

- Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, Snowmobile Advisory Committee, 2 terms

- Metro Transit Sounding Board

Interests outside of dogs?  Trail advocacy, natural environment, cycling, skiing and hiking.