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Larry Roxby
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Raised in the big cities of Tokyo & London. I Moved to Seattle in '71 and fell in love with the wilderness, wildlife and winter.

I started running dogs three years ago with pets who wanted to be sled dogs.  We started Racing in 2008 after just Trail Running. I've always been competitive.  I found companionship, excitement and a wonderful family sport to share when we joined NWSDA.  A diverse group of people bound together by a common denominator: Dogs!  The NWSDA is very important to us. It gives us an outlet to learn and be with people that love Nature & Dogs.

That's what it's all about, right?

Our kennel, The Flying Furs came about when we found an injured three month old half Coyote puppy out in the desert of Eastern WA.  She raised a litter of White Sibe crosses.  We now have twenty-one Sled Dogs, which comprise our Racing & Touring Teams.